A case for Markdown and Ghost

In the past few week I have written thousands of words of documentation (over 25k I believe) in markdown as a part of my bachelor project and immediately fell in love with it. In fact, I prefer using markdown over any single WYSIWYG editor in existence (no I do not use WYSIWYG editors for code).

It's incredibly fast and there's no need to even lift your hands from your keyboard to add styling. Of course you're able to type html tags aswell, but that's still slower.

What led me to writing this amazingly educational article is to inform you I have abandoned WordPress. I have never been a fan of WP except perhaps in the beginning. Writing articles is somewhat slow, WP itself is bulky and well, that. Through Hacker News I stumbled upon some new blogging platform called Ghost quite a while ago but never looked into it.

So, here I was, writing a new blog post while getting severely annoyed by syntax highlighting in WP that I Googled "markdown blog" and I'll be damned: Ghost was result number two.

I grabbed myself a copy and booted up. Exporting my WP posts was easily done with the Ghost plugin. Other than the caption and collapsing divs everything worked. All I had to do was remove some of the html tags and I had my new, minimal blog.

It lacked one thing, though: syntax highlighting and markdown tables.
The highlighting was easily solved using this tutorial, I picked Prism.js for no obvious reason.
Unfortunately tables aren't so easy. Ghost does support them in html, but not yet through markdown. We can't have everything yet, I'm sure they'll add it soon enough.

SEO is something that was very well done in WP due to the plugin by Yoast. For Ghost this took a bit (just a little) of Googling, luckily there are many resources that touch upon this subject. Turns out Ghost implements quite a few optimizations out of the box, like explained at http://www.metacotta.com/ghost-seo/ and http://journal.gentlenode.com/ghost-1-seo-tricks/.

Not sure about markdown? Just give it a try!

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