5. Our own TMXMapLoader

LibGDX comes with a set of classes to load tile maps made with Tiled, but those are too advanced for my needs right now and use »

4. Some optimizations

In a few of the recent posts I have mentioned points we could optimize later. I will show some of said optimizations in this post. First »

3. pathfinding (A*, heat map)

The next step is adding enemies and using pathfinding so they can find their way to my base. Which will be looked at in this post. »

2. Improving the game world using textures

In this post we will try and improve the World we made earlier, graphics wise. For this we have three methods: textures, cached textures and LibGDX' »

1. new project & the game world; a beginner's approach

Welcome back! In my last post I explained what this project/game was about, in case you forgot: a combination of tower defense, RTS and RPG. »

The beginning

First of all I would like to welcome you to my humble abode or blog, whichever your prefer. In this first post I will explain why »