Reading material - Volume Two

I come across quite a few articles on a daily basis. I sometimes find myself in the situation where I need one of those articles, but can't seem to recall their location.

The topics are mostly related to computer science and health (exercising, muscle function, injury prevention and recovery, mobility, general health, and proper movement to name a few).

Be sure to also read Volume One.


Zoë Keating versus Youtube music services agreement

It started with this blog post of her asking for information on what to do with the new agreement. Google then went on to call her claims [patently false]. Zoë responds by posting a transcription of her conversation.

Some more articles:,

Computer Science

A bit more articles in this section than last time due to spending some time on my thesis plan. Which of course led me to a whole range of cool articles in this area. Yes, I have a tendency to get lost when surfing the web.


Not too much in this section this time. I did dig up some series on posture analysis and correction by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson. It comes in five parts and are definitely worth the long and technical read.

I also came across an article by Eric Cressey on Yoga. I did the exercises and stretch from that article and I was suddenly able to put my hands flat on the floor in the toe-touch-stretch-thingy. My back also felt quite better, which is not unimportant. Cool. need more articles like these. Oh, and here is the article:

Websites to read

Below is a list of websites from which I like to read. This list will continually expand in future volumes.

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